A major part of your Biolytix system are the worms.   There are four types of worms that are used are:
  • Eudrilus Eugeniae (Night Crawler)
  • Perionyx Excavates ( Blue)
  • Eisenia Fetida Andrei (Red)
  • Eisenia Fetida (Tiger)
All our worms are supplied by Eco Valley Worms as we know that they supply good quality and healthy worms so when they go into your Biolytix System they will do well as long as they are looked after.
Remember that your Biolytix system is a living organism and needs to be look after.  Please ensure the products that are used in the household are low phosphorus and non-caustic.



For all enquires regarding all servicing and spare parts please contact John on 0408 616 061 or email


Apr 29, 2011
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